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Banner Advertisement

Banner advertising is a great way to promote a brand through CHBO. The banner ad can take the visitor from the host website (CHBO) to the advertiser’s website or a specific landing page that you setup. Banner ads are intended to generate traffic to a website by linking to it and also work as a billboard for your company.
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Banner Sizes and Opportunies

CHBO is currently offering an opportunity to advertise your company using banner ads. The banner location that is available at this time is the property search results page for searches performed on the website. The banner ad would render when a particular market or markets are searched. The banner displays after the 5th listing in the property list. If there is more than one company advertising in a particualr market, the ads will rotate.

The size of this banner ad is 843 x 243 pixels. Here is an example of a banner ad:

CHBO banner ad example

How to create a banner ad for advertising

You can create a static or animated banner ad to represent your company. CHBO can create the artwork if you do not have the capabilities to do so. We will gather some details from you so we can but together a high quility and efficent banner.

If you are interested in advertising using a banner ad, please contact CHBO to setup a consultation. Pricing will vary by market.

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